Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs are different from other roofs in style and form, as well as the materials used for it. The average cost of flat roofing in Bath and across the UK is around £100/m2. A flat roof needs repair just as much as any other type of roof, typically every 15-20 years. Of course, today the technology and level of advancement reached in the roofing and construction at large, increases the lifespan of roofs across the board. The next time you repair your flat roof may be the last time that you do. It just goes to show how far the roofing industry has progressed.

Flat roofs are known for saving space, and are especially good for smaller structures, such as extensions, porches, and garages. A common misconception is that a flat roof is completely flat and not tilted. That isn’t the case at all. Rainwater drains from the roof via a slight tilt by just a couple of degrees.

Benefits of service

One of the main benefits of a flat roof is the cost. Flat roofs tend to be a lot cheaper than pitched roofs, and in many cases a lot smaller in size. Which means that you save even more money. A flat roof is compact, robust, and can withstand bad weather. It’s known to be an economic and efficient alternative to a pitched roof. This saves you energy and money. It takes less manpower and materials to repair a flat roof than a pitched roof. Replacing it entirely can take as little as a day.

Flat roofing can be a great way to give your home in Bath a new look. It is always a good decision to get an upgrade. If you would like to get an upgrade and restore the condition of your flat roof, then contact us today. We are a flat roofing company based here in Bath.

Things to consider before hiring a flat roofing specialist

There are quite a few things for you to consider before deciding to get a flat roof. The first question is, how bad is the damage? If you can quickly and safely take inspection yourself, you can determine how big of a repair job the roof will need. If you’re unable to get up on the roof, then call a roofing maintenance specialist. You don’t want to injure yourself in the process of checking and inspecting your roof for damage. 

Another thing to really take into consideration is using a professional roofer. Quite often, what happens is people hire the first roofer that they come across. This roofer promises them the world, they charge a high price, and the customer is left with a roof that will likely need to be repaired in a month or 2. That’s if the roofer even shows up, which also happens quite a lot. To avoid all this trouble, hire an expert roofer near you. You can check their reviews online and suss them out that way without having to hope you get a qualified roofer.

The roofing materials that will be used is another point to consider. You can research online and read up about it. If in doubt you can always ask your roofer, whoever you decide to hire. This is crucial because your roof is unique to your house and your taste. You are ultimately the decider, but the roofer will give you some recommendations. Remember to keep in mind the cost and efficiency when deciding what materials to go with. If there are any upgrades you would like on your roof, now is the time to deliberate. Would you like to have a nice roof light? Do you want a chimney installed? Would you like better insulation? These are just some of the many upgrades that you can give to your roof. Think about it thoroughly before making a decision.

Flat roofing maintenance

Throughout the life of a roof many things can go wrong. The reason is because it is exposed to nature. And nature can be very cruel sometimes. Otherwise there isn’t a real reason why a roof should get damaged if left alone. For instance, a flat roof can deteriorate quite quickly if water settles after a bad storm. The longer the pond remains on your flat roof, the more harm it can cause. It will start seeping into the inner structures of your flat roof and cause your ceiling to dampen. 

Another common problem that can occur is blistering. Blistering is simply when air or moisture finds it way under a flat roof. When the suns is out and is quite hot, these small clusters of air and moisture will expand and cause blisters on the membrane of your flat roof. There are many more examples of what could wrong with your flat roof. But in any case, it can be resolved and restored.

The number thing you can do for your roof and property in general is to maintain it. There reason you need to take care of your flat roof and be aware of its condition is because of the above mentioned points. Things go wrong. When things wrong, it usually costs money to fix it. So, to avoid the trouble of having to dig deep into your pockets, you should check the state of your flat roof regularly. It’s quite common to have annual flat roof inspections. Just contact your local flat roofing specialist in Bath and request an inspection or set a date for every year that you would like to have it inspected.

In the case of your flat roof, it could be that you would need an inspection more frequent than just one time per year. It could be up to 5 or 6 six times per year, or even monthly. Whatever it is, your roofer will give you the best advice. If you’re able to do it yourself and you’re comfortable being on top of a flat roof, then by all means, keep an eye on your property, and look for any signs of damage.

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