What Is Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement in Bath is really a big decision to make. It’s one that requires deliberation and diligent planning. In addition to that, there are several other factors that make getting a new roof such a huge decision. Here are a few.

For starters, it’s costly. The average cost to replace a roof in the UK is £5,500. You also need to set aside £1,000 to £2,000 just to replace your current roof. That’s a lot of money. Choose the wrong contractor, and you’ll pay even more to fix any further damage.

You need to be very picky when it comes to choosing the right contractor. As mentioned, a bad contractor can really put you back thousands of pounds, while a good contractor will ultimately give you what you need and paid for.

Deciding what roofing materials to use for your new roof is also another thing to consider. Really take a good look at all the options and seek advice if needed. There are many different roofing materials used for each roof type. So, be wise in choosing the right material.

Would you like any other upgrades to your roof? Perhaps a roof light is something you’ve been wondering about. What about a loft extension? Whether you decide to upgrade your roof or not, you really ought to take all this into consideration.

Increase the value of your property and restore your roof

Replacing your roof for a new one will without doubt increase the value of your property. But by how much? Well that really depends on a few factors. The materials you use, the average value of properties in your neighbourhood, the quality of the roofing job, and a few other things. As with any asset, the value of your house will continue to rise if all else stays the same. But why wait? It’s never a bad idea to get a new roof, because whichever way you look at it, you get a return on investment from your roof that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear – provided you take the right course of action.

Captivate potential buyers

It comes as no surprise that a new roof attracts people looking to buy a home. This is a great way to set yourself apart from the other houses listed on the property market as people factor in the aesthetics of the house as well as price, location, and many other things. Look at it from the potential buyers perspective. Would you even give a second glance at a house with a damaged roof? No, right? How about a house with a spanking new roof that captures your eyes? You’ll probably look further into the house and inquire about it some more. You may even potentially buy it. A roof replacement in Bath is essentially, 

A roof replacement job has also been said to have the same entrancing effect on the homeowner’s self, and makes our lovely city Bath all the more spectacular. You just can’t help but marvel at your roof every time you walk up your drive. It looks perfect and better than the home you bought years ago. You may even decide to live in it for a little while longer just to revel in it and cherish your home before ultimately selling it.

Roof replacement offers greater energy efficiency for your home

Did you know energy efficiency is a concomitant of a new roof? Well, now you do. This is yet another benefit of installing a new roof on your house. A few things should be taken into consideration before going forward with the project, however. The materials used for your new roof plays a big role in the energy efficiency and insulation qualities of your home. Solar panels on your roof will be a great way to save money and energy. Since most roofs need to be re-roofed every 20 years or so, get with the programme and don’t be the last to take advantage of this technology. Another thing that affects the energy efficiency and insulation qualities of your home is the colour of the roof. The darker the colours tend to absorb heat much more than brighter colours.

Protect your home

First of all it’s never a bad idea to have your inspected every so often. You can even do this yourself. The reason is because a damaged roof can be such a pain in the backside, that it makes living in your own home unpleasant. Check to see any sign of damage on your roof. This means dark spots and lines, missing tiles and shingles, and broken tiles and shingles. If you can’t do this yourself then call a roofing specialist to give your roof an inspection.

Moss should be killed immediately after noticing it. It can really cause your roof to deteriorate rapidly as it holds water. Remember, you’re only doing this to protect your home from damage. If things get out of hand, the repair costs can skyrocket. Don’t be complacent and check on the health of your roof today. One problem can cause another, and before you know it, the snowball effect takes place. So, again, call a roofing maintenance professional if you’ve noticed anything odd on your roof and would like further inspection.

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