What Is The Procedure Of Roof Replacement?

1. Delivery of roofing materials 

The first step in the roof replacement procedure is delivering the materials to your home. It usually delivered on the morning of the job or on the day before. They should be put somewhere near the roof so that the contractors can get on with their job as soon as possible. This speeds everything up.

2. Covering your property with protective tarpaulin

This is the second step in preparing for the replacement job. Your contractor will first hang a tarp from the edges of your roof. This is done so that when your old roof is being torn off, your property will be kept safe. 

3. Out with the old in with the new

Once all your valuables have been protected, your contractor will start the roof replacement job. They will start by tearing off the old roof in sections. The team of roofers will be divided in 2. One group will do the tearing, while the other group lays down and installs the new roof.

4. Site clean

The last thing your roofer will do is cleanup the site after the replacement job. The roof will be blown with a cordless air blower to get all the debris on the ground so that it can be swept up. Finally, when the clean up is done, your contractor will inspect his work and may ask you to give them a review.

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